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Services & Locations

Our Goals

One of our goals at Brett Ocular is to inform and educate our patients on socket health and continuous care. Regular visits to our office will help maintain the surface finish and, thus, the comfort of the prosthesis.  At the same time, it also allows the Ocularist to assess changes to the socket and make recommendations to maintain optimum appearance and comfort.

Service Recommendations

Typically, a visit for cleaning and re-glazing is recommended every six months. The artificial eye should be replaced every five years. The reasons for replacement can include changes to colour, fit, appearance and comfort, but primarily, it is to prevent socket inflammation and itching due to the degradation of the acrylic plastics. The plastic will “gas out” as it naturally degrades due to environmental exposure and fluid absorption; it releases this gas directly into the socket. Studies at the University of Laval in Quebec have shown that acrylic plastic can maintain its integrity for a five-year period before degradation begins.

Service Locations

Of course, if there is a medical necessity to have the eye replaced due to surgical intervention or changes to the socket, then a new artificial can be made anytime.

We offer free consultations in our offices and can do home care visits if necessary.

Jonathan Brett also operates a clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Please click here to be taken to that site.


Full Service Clinic

London Ontario

MedCen Building
339 Wellington Road South
Suite 125
London, ON
N6C 4P8

Appointments are generally available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.



Windsor ON

The clinic locations provide cleaning and consultations only.

C.N.I.B Windsor
#200-4900 Wyandott  St.E.
Windsor, ON
N8Y 1H7

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