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Our Team

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Jonathan Brett BCO BADO

Jonathan is a board-certified ocularist who has been in the industry for over 10 years. He was trained by both Michael Webb BCO BADO FASO in Toronto as well his father, Jonathan Brett Sr.

Jonathan enjoys working closely with his patients, taking into account their own thoughts and opinions and combining those with his professional skills to create the prosthesis that makes the patients look and feel their best.

Jonathan is highly involved in the industry of ocularistry. Currently, he is the president of the Canadian Society of Ocularistry and a member of the board of directors for the American Society of Ocularists.

Heather Ciskowski

Heather has been with Brett Ocular since 2018, and patients have come to expect to be happily welcomed by her friendly voice over the phone or her cheerful smile in the office.

Trained in the fabrication process of ocularistry, Heather has a hand in assisting with almost every eye produced at Brett Ocular.

When calling into Brett Ocular, Heather is the first person you will encounter. She is very knowledgeable about ocular prosthetics and will happily answer your questions and assist you in booking the right appointments. Brett Ocular is established with many different government programs and insurance agencies, and Heather is able to provide direct billing or assist the client with billing in almost all circumstances.

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